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How To Clear a Clogged Shower Drain at Home

Blue striped shower curtainNothing is worse than standing in ankle-deep, dirty water while trying to shower. Shower clogs can be an unsanitary, inconvenient nuisance that may leave you wondering what DIY methods could work for you.

Thankfully, homeowners can try several DIY shower clog removal methods before calling in the professionals. The plumbers at Brian B. Quick have broken down each step with step-by-step instructions and some prevention methods to help keep your shower drains clean and clear for the long term.

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DIY Shower Clog Removal Methods

While persistent drain clogs may point to a more excessive problem requiring professional drain cleaning, temporary blockages can be easily resolved with some tried DIY methods. Here are just a few you can try to troubleshoot your shower drain clogs at home:

Shower Drain Catchers

A shower drain catcher is a special device you can place inside your shower drain. Usually made from plastic, silicone, or metal with perforations designed to trap larger particles while allowing the safe passage of water, these devices are great for catching large debris and preventing them from clogging up your system.

Installing a shower drain catcher is simple and straightforward: Place it over the shower drain to cover the opening completely and remove it periodically to clean out whatever debris it traps inside.

Plastic Drain Snakes

Another method you can use for DIY shower clog removal is a plastic drain snake. These devices are flexible, snake-like tubes with upward-facing serrated edges designed to catch hair and other debris. Here’s how it works:

  • Insert the drain snake into your shower drain as far down as possible.
  • Pull the drain snake back out of your drain. As you pull it out, the serrated edges will collect any hair or debris trapped inside your system.
  • Clean off the hair, soap scum, and other debris from your device, and repeat the process as many times as necessary to clear your system.

Boiling Water Method

In some cases, boiling water can unclog a shower drain. Empty a kettle of boiling water into your drain a little at a time to dissolve the blockages hiding deep within your system.

Warning: Do not attempt the boiling water method if your system relies on PVC piping. The high heat can warp your PVC pipes, leading to more damage.

If you’re not sure, try other methods or contact a professional plumber.

Professional Drain Clog Removal Methods

Sometimes, the only solution for persistent, stubborn shower drain clogs is professional drain cleaning. One of the most powerful drain cleaning methods is hydro jetting, which involves using a high-pressure water stream to forcefully break up and flush out obstructions within your drainage system.

Not only does hydro jetting clear out the immediate blockage, but it can also help reduce the likelihood of repeat clogging in the future. This technique is particularly helpful if you need help with frequent, persistent drain clogs that do not respond to DIY troubleshooting methods.

Preventing Shower Clogs in the Future

In addition to periodic drain cleaning with a professional plumber, there are other prevention methods you can use to ensure your shower drains remain clog-free, including:

  • Brushing Before Showering: Loose hair is the most common culprit for shower clogs. To prevent hair buildup within your drains, brush your hair before you get into the shower to reduce the amount of fallout during your shower.
  • Using a Shower Cap: Ideally, your hair only needs to be thoroughly washed with shampoo and conditioner one to two times per week. Consider using a bathing cap during your showers to keep your hair from clogging up your drains.
  • Avoid Grease & Oil: While showers aren’t typically a place where grease and oil are disposed of, it bears repeating that no cooking oils, fats, or grease should ever be flushed down your drains as they can solidify and lead to severe blockages.

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