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3 Signs You Have a Leak in Your Plumbing 

Burst water pipe, still dripping

Your home has an intricate plumbing system prone to leaks if your aging pipes begin to corrode and are not repaired or replaced. However, leaks are not always easy to detect. The plumbing experts at Brian B. Quick explore plumbing leaks, common causes, and why you should promptly schedule service to reduce repair costs.

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Mold and water stains

The appliances and fixtures in your kitchen and bathroom are areas where you might find water stains or mold growth, which can produce mycotoxins that cause chronic health risks. 

Bathroom water stains in your toilet might be from hard water if you have a well and should come out if you apply a baking soda and vinegar flush. If the stains are in your tiles, it might be limescale buildup from high mineral content in hard water. Hence, a water softener is recommended. 

If you find mold in your caulk, it might need resealing to remove any gaps, but mold can also occur on the walls and ceiling if you have a pipe leak. Our plumbers can check your walls and upstairs bathroom or kitchen to see if an appliance or toilet leak is the culprit.  

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Damaged floors

Water leaks can damage hardwood floors. Water seepage can warp it and cause wood rot because wood is porous and will absorb water and then expand, curl, cup, or buckle the wood.

Flooring can also be damaged by constant moisture exposure. Drying out or replacing the damaged areas might be the resolution. Promptly call us and let our knowledgeable staff find the leak source and recommend repair.

There are three types of water damage to floors:

  • Clean from freshwater leaking out of an appliance or fixture
  • Gray from dirty tub or sink water that spilled, or rainwater with mud and dirt
  • Black from a sewer or toilet with toxic bacteria

Strange noises

Hearing weird noises might be a loose washer in your plumbing system if the noise is whistling or squealing. Designed to block leaks, they can become damaged and need replacing. Turn off the valve and inspect the washer, hose, and tap/faucet.

If the problem is a water hammer, or water and air trapped in the pipes, you have a more serious issue. These are dangerous because they can adversely affect the washers and seals in your gauges, meters, and piping.

Water line blockages or pipe clogs often cause gurgling noises. Try using a snake or auger. We have professional augers and hydro jetting that are safe and non-toxic. 

Another culprit might also be air in the pipes, or perhaps you have a faulty water heater or other appliance nearing the end of its life expectancy. A frozen pipe can also make noise as the ice expands the iron before the pipe bursts. 

Let our technicians have a look to help with small repairs from becoming costly emergencies.  

Schedule Plumbing Leak Repairs in the DMV

A small leak can quickly lead to an expensive repair and cause mildew, mold, and wood rot. Whether the root cause is pipe corrosion, a faulty seal, or tree limbs, call the experts. 

The Brian B. Quick Team includes fourth-generation master plumbers who offer the highest quality sewer line repairs and replacement solutions. Our team uses advanced leak detection camera equipment and will uncover the source. 

With service in counties like Baltimore, Montgomery, Prince George’s, Anne Arundel, and Howard, we provide convenient payment options, have excellent reviews, and are recognized by PHCC, Angi, and BBB. Trust us with all your plumbing needs! 

Schedule an appointment in Washington, DC, by calling Brian B. Quick at (202) 427-5311.

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