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How Spring Rain Flooding Can Affect Your Home Plumbing

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Springtime brings flowers and, of course, April showers! Homeowners in the DMV can expect spring floodwaters but may not prepare in advance for excessive rain or the damage flooding can do to their plumbing system. While homeowners insurance can cover losses, a few preemptive steps can mitigate water damage.

Below, we will explore how heavy rainfall affects drainage systems and your home’s plumbing, ways to mitigate your risks, and how Brian B. Quick can help.   

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Pressure on Plumbing Lines

When it rains all day, the ground is saturated, and water becomes heavy when it combines with dirt. An inch of rain on an acre of land is about 27,000 gallons of water or around 113 tons!

Like most homes in DC, Maryland, or Virginia, your water lines are buried deep in your yard. The weight of all that heavy water-saturated soil and mud can put pressure on your main water line, eventually bursting the pipes.

Promptly contact a plumber to reduce structural damage and wood rot and prevent toxic mold and mildew from entering your home.

Signs you might have a main water line leak or burst pipe include: 

  • Bubbling sounds or discolored water
  • Low water pressure or sudden water bill increases 
  • Large water pools without a recent downpour

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Sewer Backup

A homeowner’s nightmare is a sewer clog from heavy rain. With strong rainstorms in the spring, the extra water can soften the soil and shift the pipes, which can leak and rupture and eventually cause dirt, rocks, and excess water into your home’s pipes.  

To avoid a sewer backup:

  • Routinely schedule plumbing maintenance and let our plumbing professionals replace any outdated pipes. 
  • Get leak detection with advanced camera equipment to find leak sources and prevent further damage. 
  • Consider installing a backwater valve that can block sewer water.

Flooding Basements

If your home has a lower level, basement flooding is concerning. Homes in low-lying areas might already have a sump pump. If yours does not, invest in one that can remove excess water in your basement and crawl spaces. Your insurer might offer a premium discount on your water pump installation.

For homes with a sump pump, schedule it for service or an annual inspection to ensure it works properly. That gives you added peace of mind during severe storms in the rainy season or melting snow in the wintertime.

Other steps to reduce flood water include: 

  • Clearing drains and gutters of debris and leaves
  • Regrading your home
  • Using Hydra Snake sandbags

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Reducing plumbing leaks and keeping flood waters out of your home sounds daunting, but not for Brian B. Quick. Our professional plumbing team specializes in all types of piping and plumbing services.  

Established in the early 2010s, Brian B. Quick provides comprehensive HVAC, plumbing, and home improvement services to homes in the DMV. Our experienced team is background-checked, licensed, and insured, and we offer flexible financing, online deals and promotions, and transparent prices.

With same-day appointments and upfront pricing, never worry about Mother Nature’s plans — Brian B. Quick’s got you covered!

Tired of the Lying? Try Brian! For plumbing repair in the DMV, call Brian B. Quick at (202) 427-5311.

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